General health and well-being

We analyze the main parameters to determine your general state of health and well-being. The parameters range from hepatic, lipid or renal profiles to vitamins or minerals, among others.


Prevention-oriented clinical analyses

Regularly monitoring our health allows us to detect possible diseases or disorders in our organism at an early stage. Encouraging prevention can help both to avoid diseases and to review lifestyle habits, the influence of stress or our genetic predispositions.

In order to facilitate the monitoring of your health, we perform clinical analyses focused on prevention, which provide information on the most important parts of the body: lipid, liver, renal, thyroid, iron and diabetic profile, hemogram, biochemistry, vitamins and minerals.

We perform essential tests, which analyze 20 key markers of the body: lipid, liver, renal and diabetic profile, hemogram and biochemistry. We also offer comprehensive tests, which also include thyroid and iron profiles, vitamin and mineral levels, as well as other more advanced parameters of the lipid profile, diabetic profile and biochemical reference values, analyzing a total of 39 markers.


About BioAssays
Laboratory certified in molecular diagnosis of viral infections, part of ARQUIMEA.
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