100% biological algaecide, made from natural, chemical-free compounds, which has the capacity to eliminate and prevent algae that grow in reservoirs.

About BIO100

100% biological, efficient and cost-effective anti-algae

In our commitment to recover water for irrigation sustainably, free of chemical treatments, we have developed BIO100 Antialgae, a 100% biodegradable and harmless bioproduct for agricultural crops and soils.

BIO100 is developed from microbial consortia, combining its biological algaecide capacity with a sun block that prevents both the growth and proliferation of algae, thus increasing its effectiveness. The sun block hinders algae photosynthesis and the bacterial consortium competes for its food. 

Its application is quick and simple through water-soluble bags which dissolve in cold water, entailing less application time and more safety for personnel who apply the product. Furthermore, thanks to its 2-in-1 effect, it is completely compatible with previously chemically treated water ponds and effective from day one. 

BIO100 has been specially designed for the care of agricultural soils, the environment and the surroundings. Not only does the bioproduct not damage soils or crops, as algaecides do due to their chemical composition, but also it has been observed that it benefits germination of plants.

Main specifications
Algaecide + sun block
100% biodegradable


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