ARQUIMEA launches Well_iD Nutrition and Digestive: a new genetic test that allows us to personalize our nutrition

April 4, 2023
  • Well_iD Nutrition and digestive health is a genetic test to optimize nutrition. Its objective is to know the predisposition or alterations of the digestive and endocrine systems to act and prevent diseases and to personalize the diet according to the needs of each person.
  • Well_iD is a line of genetic tests to complete the medical diagnosis by detecting certain predispositions to develop health alterations to prolong the time until their manifestation or even prevent them from appearing.
  • You can learn more about all the tests of the Well_iD line on the website


ARQUIMEA‘s healthcare area, in its commitment to improve prevention, has developed a new genetic test, under its Well_iD line, which allows to personalize and optimize nutrition. Well_iD Nutrition and Digestive Health analyzes the most relevant parameters of our digestive and endocrine systems to detect our predisposition to nutritional and digestive alterations. From diseases such as irritable bowel or intestinal reflux to food intolerances, sensitivity to certain foods, or thyroid problems.

Knowing our genetic characteristics related to our digestive health will allow us to act objectively, incorporating the routines and foods that our body needs most and thus prolong the risks or avoid their appearance, to achieve an improvement in our health and well-being.


What does Well_iD Nutrition and Digestive Health analyze?

Well_iD Nutrition and Digestive Health analyzes more than 800,000 genes to evaluate a total of 59 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) related to traits associated with the digestive and endocrine system: endocrine and metabolic health, digestive health, vitamin and mineral absorption, nutrigenetics and food intolerances.

This new test of ARQUIMEA’s genetics line, allows us to answer questions such as: Am I predisposed to develop any intolerance; am I at risk of developing an inflammatory bowel disease; or do I tend to gain weight?

To perform the test, a simple buccal swab is used to extract a DNA sample, which is then sequenced. The sequencing data are submitted to a bioinformatic analysis to obtain the results of the polymorphisms of interest. In only 15-20 days ARQUIMEA dumps the results in a report together with personalized recommendations according to the patient’s genetic results.

Well_iD Nutrition and Digestive Health, like the rest of ARQUIMEA’s tests, has been developed by a multidisciplinary team specialized in health and wellness and a scientific team highly qualified in genetics. In addition, to perform the genetic analysis, we work in collaboration with EpiDisease, a laboratory certified in genetic and epigenetic diagnosis, participated by ARQUIMEA.


Genetics as a key tool for building a culture of prevention

The Well_iD genetic tests are ARQUIMEA’s commitment to increase our self-knowledge so that based on individual needs we can act, improve and enhance our well-being, since our habits can optimize our genetics. Therefore, ARQUIMEA has developed a genetic test for the main areas of our health: from the skin to sports or, in this case, the digestive system.

“Doing sports and eating healthy are generalities. Not everyone is able to do the same type of sport in the same way, nor does eating certain apparently healthy foods produce the same effect in all individuals. Knowing your genetics is a fundamental tool to lead a healthy life, according to real needs.” Pilar de la Huerta, general manager of ARQUIMEA’s health area.

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