ARQUIMEA presents its technologies for Southeast Asia at DSA

March 29, 2022
  • ARQUIMEA opened its commercial office a few months ago to be closer to customers in the region and address their needs.
  • The company unveils its solutions for mortars, drones and telecommunications for the defence sector.
  • ARQUIMEA works on BeetleSat, a new constellation of telecommunications satellites.

ARQUIMEA, a technology company operating globally in technically demanding sectors, is presenting its technologies, products and services at the 17th edition of DSA, the leading defence and security exhibition in Southeast Asia, which is being held in Kuala Lumpur from 28 to 31 March.

ARQUIMEA boasts more than 18 years of experience in the defence and aerospace sector. Since its inception, its goal has been to provide innovative technological solutions to improve the security and capabilities of armies. In 2021, the company opened a commercial office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to be closer to its customers, understand their needs and provide appropriate solutions.

Four years after the last DSA, ARQUIMEA is attending the exhibition to showcase its renewed global offering of devices to enhance mortar capabilities, including eCOMPASS, the electronic aiming system, mCOUNTER, which allows for improved mortar maintenance, and the latest version of TECHFIRE, the fire support system, currently in service in several NATO and Southeast Asian countries.

ARQUIMEA is also presenting its latest developments in drones and UAS at this exhibition. The company will unveil for the first time in the region the QLM-40, its multi-purpose tactical UAS designed to perform protection, surveillance, reconnaissance, target acquisition or damage assessment missions. ARQUIMEA develops the airborne platform that can act as a marauding drone and allows high customisation to meet the requirements of the armed forces.

The technology company will also be showcasing its solutions and capabilities for the aerospace and telecommunications sectors. ARQUIMEA specialises in the manufacture, integration and testing of key components for satellites and for aeronautical maintenance, manufacturing GSE for the sector’s leading aeronautical companies. The company develops these projects at its facilities in Madrid, which have more than 6,000 m2 equipped with high-end machinery and clean rooms.

ARQUIMEA recently announced the development of BeetleSat, a new constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) communications satellites that has the potential to be of high interest in the region. This solution will provide satellite operators and service providers with a new high-performance, secure and cost-effective global Ka-band telecommunications solution. The company is also working on a dual X/Ka satellite telecommunications terminal for airborne platforms that will allow greater flexibility and security in their communications during their missions.

The company’s new products are on display at stand number 62.