ARQUIMEA unveils its Q-SLAM-40 loitering system at FEINDEF

May 17, 2023
  • The company unveils the complete loitering system and is working on new vehicle-mounted and higher-capacity versions.
  • ARQUIMEA will also showcase its portfolio for mortars, which includes electronic and information systems such as eCOMPASS, TECHFIRE, BC-LITE, mCOUNTER and SHEPHERD.
  • In addition to its technological proposal for defence, ARQUIMEA draws attention to its capabilities and products for the space sector.
  • The company sponsors Innova Space and will participate in the panel “Open innovation and startups: opportunities and challenges for the Defence sector” on Friday, 19 May.


Madrid, 17 May 2023. ARQUIMEA, a technology company that operates globally in highly demanding sectors with more than 17 years of experience, is unveiling for the first time at FEINDEF 2023 its complete Q-SLAM-40  loitering system, with which it aims to improve the capabilities and security of the Armed Forces. The event, the most important national event for the sector, will be held at IFEMA from 17 to 19 May.

Q-SLAM-40 is a loitering system that enables safe and efficient short-range missions. This system, designed and manufactured entirely by ARQUIMEA in Spain, is a unique loitering system. An effective, flexible, proven and deployable solution, which can be adapted to the needs of each mission and environment. At FEINDEF, the company is showcasing for the first time the complete system consisting of the loitering platform, the launcher and the ground station with the communications and control system.

The complete Q-SLAM-40 system can be seen at ARQUIMEA’s C05 stand in pavilion 10 of the IFEMA trade fair complex.

New versions of the loitering system

ARQUIMEA is already working on a vehicle-mounted version of the system. This evolution of the Q-SLAM-40 will be exhibited at FEINDEF on EINSA’s Netón vehicle at stand D05 in pavilion 10. ARQUIMEA boasts the capacity and experience to mount the Q-SLAM-40 on multiple platforms and vehicles, to adapt to the operational needs of its customers. The loitering system successfully demonstrated its maturity and accuracy at the Army Forum last October.

The company is also working on the Q-SLAM-100, a version of the loitering system that will have more capability and autonomy for longer-range missions.

In addition to the above, ARQUIMEA is also showcasing at the fair its information and control systems for mortars that are operational in more than 5 NATO armed forces and in many others in the Asia-Pacific region: TECHFIRE, a firing control system for mortars and artillery; BC-LITE: a ballistic calculator for mortars; eCOMPASS, a digital goniometer that improves accuracy and reduces aiming time to 50 seconds; mCOUNTER, a mortar firing counter, to improve maintenance and safety; and SHEPHERD-MIL ADVANCED, the surveillance drone shaped like a bird of prey.

As a technology company present in the most demanding sectors, ARQUIMEA will also showcase at FEINDEF its capabilities for the space sector. The company has more than 1,400 m2 of state-of-the-art facilities with clean rooms and a team of more than 200 engineers, PhDs and technicians with over 20 years of experience and more than 160 successful space missions for major space programmes.

ARQUIMEA’s lines of activity for the space sector include the design and manufacture of structures, thermal systems, optical systems, mechanisms and actuators, deployable systems, avionics and space grade microchips.

Leaders in innovation

ARQUIMEA is sponsoring the Innova Space at the fair, which aims to bring the innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem closer to the defence sector.

The company has more than 100 proprietary technologies and over 140 engineers and PhDs dedicated to research and innovation. ARQUIMEA founded its own private research centre in 2020 to work on disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence or quantum intelligence. An example of these new technologies is GYROPT, which will be on display at the stand, a high-precision fibre-optic gyroscope that can be easily configured and interfaced with other systems and platforms.

On Friday, 19 May, at 12 noon, ARQUIMEA will participate in the panel “Open innovation and startups: opportunities and challenges for the Defence sector” at the Innova Space.