ARQUIMEA showcases its loitering system and RPAS at UNVEX 2022

October 4, 2022

ARQUIMEA, a global technology company operating in highly demanding sectors, showcases its marauding systems and surveillance RPAS for defense and security at the UNVEX 2022 event to be held in Seville from 14 to 16 September 2022.

The company is showcasing the Q-SLAM-40 marauding system for the first time at UNVEX. This tactical marauding system has been designed to safely and efficiently perform different types of short-range operations, including protection, surveillance, reconnaissance, target acquisition or damage assessment. The system provides a significant tactical advantage to special forces and infantry units in multi-domain and asymmetric conflicts.

This technological solution boasts numerous advantages: the system is always under the operator’s control; it improves safety in operations and reduces collateral risk.

ARQUIMEA is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of marauding systems, a reliable, flexible and proven solution that is already available and can be tailored to meet the customer’s requirements. The Spanish Ministry of Defense recently selected the technology company to develop a short-range marauding system for the Spanish Army.

ARQUIMEA is showcasing the complete system at UNVEX, stand A3, including the pneumatic launcher, the aerial platform and the ground control station that includes an antenna and tablet to control the system and flight parameters during the entire mission.

The company is also showcasing at UNVEX the latest configuration of its Shepherd-MIL drone. A versatile and stealthy ground surveillance and reconnaissance RPAS that can act as a forward observer for mortar and artillery units.