ARQUIMEA, through its Agrotech division, unveils at FIGAN 2021 the latest technology in automated boar semen analysis systems

September 24, 2021
  • The Agrotech business unit is the result of the merger of the companies Zoitech and Proiser, both owned by ARQUIMEA, which decided to combine their capabilities in 2020 in order to strengthen its proposal to the agricultural sector.
  • ARQUIMEA will unveil at FIGAN its new automated semen analysis systems: ISAS Boar PRO and SQS2
  • The technology company is focused on developing solutions and products for the innovation and optimisation of the farms of the future.

Zaragoza, 21/09/2021

ARQUIMEA participates in FIGAN 2021, the largest innovation and technology event in the agricultural sector, to present its latest developments in animal breeding.

Last year, the technology company merged Zoitech and Proiser, both of which it owns, into its Agrotech business unit, and will take advantage of the event to showcase its capabilities and latest developments in technological solutions for animal reproduction and welfare, and biodiversity conservation.

With the slogan ‘Agrointelligence for future’, the Spanish technology company will unveil at its stand H/23-25, located in pavilion 6, its new automated semen analysis systems: ISAS Boar PRO and SQS2.

ISAS Boar PRO, based on CASA technology, is a robotised system that automatically analyses, in just 10 seconds, boar semen quality, simultaneously assessing motility, morphology and concentration.

SQS2, on the other hand, is an automatic and integrated system that evaluates boar semen quality, in less than a minute, using fluorescence technology.

During the fair, the company will hold live product demonstrations every day at 12 noon and 4 p.m., showing the operation of the new automated equipment and its intuitive and user-friendly analysis software.

The company will also use the event to explain its other two lines of activity: agricultural sustainability and agro 4.0.

ARQUIMEA positions itself as a benchmark company in the development of solutions and products based on proprietary technologies for the innovation and optimisation of the farms and agriculture of the future.