We are a Center of Excellence

Quantum technologies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible from the domains of computing and algorithms to sensing and communications. The Qcircle project will host a center of excellence in the Canary Islands that will contribute to the advancement of this exciting field.


Accelerating the second quantum revolution

QCIRCLE´s Center of Excellence vision is to accelerate the adoption of emerging quantum technologies, enhancing their broad and deep potential benefits following Europe’s will to lead this field.

This vision will be materialized in QCIRCLE’s Technology Map, the tool to guide the scientific strategy of the Center of Excellence. The map places Quantum Techs and the expertise of the partners where they can make the highest impact in new research lines aligned with the missions.

This Technology Map will be in constant evolution thanks to the partners’ advice and guidance.

qcircle strategy

Leaders of change

QCIRCLE’s Center of Excellence basic unit will consist of integral projects that we call Quantum Collaborative Circles (QCCs), designed to follow a complete science to innovation cycle: from technology scouting and research to use case study and technology transfer.

The evolution of the QCC R&I projects will be powered by a proven acceleration strategy (ARC’s) that minimizes time to market/society and maximizes impact.

qcircle ecosystem

From science to society

An important characteristic of this project is its collaborative nature. The name QCIRCLE has been chosen to reflect that Quantum Collaborative Circles’ projects cannot be isolated silos inside a research lab. They must evolve in a vivid ecosystem with different orbitals to accommodate the different stakeholders, with particular focus on early identification and continuous validation of use cases as key elements for a successful acceleration of R&D towards society.



Teaming for Excellence
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