The European project QCIRCLE begins, led by ARQUIMEA Research Center, which will create a center of excellence in quantum science in the Canary Islands

July 11, 2023

– On July 6th and 7th, at the headquarters of ARQUIMEA Research Center, several meetings took place that made up the Kick-Off of the project.

– QCIRCLE aims to accelerate the adoption of quantum technologies with high scientific, technological and social impact.

– This is the first time that Spain has been awarded the TEAMING call, which will provide a relevant boost to the innovation and science ecosystem locally and nationally by positioning the Canary Islands as a European quantum enclave.


San Cristóbal de La Laguna, July 11th

ARQUIMEA Research Center, the private non-profit research center of the Spanish technology company ARQUIMEA, has been selected within the Teaming call of the European Union to lead from its headquarters in Tenerife the QCIRCLE project, based on the creation of a center of excellence for the development and research of new quantum technologies with a firm purpose towards sustainability.

Last July 6th and 7th, ARQUIMEA Research Center organized at its headquarters in La Laguna the Kick-Off Conference of the project. All the project partners were invited: the CSIC and its quantum platform QTEP (Spain), the University of ULM and its Institute of Quantum Optics (Germany), the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Austria) and the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing (United Kingdom). In addition, several members of the European Research Executive Agency (REA) were also present. These two days of meetings served to meet all the agents involved in the project in person, solve doubts with the European administration, and show all the delegations the facilities, equipment, and work methodology of ARQUIMEA Research Center.

The QCIRCLE project stems from Europe’s interest in delving into the four pillars of the second quantum revolution that make up the QCIRCLE technology roadmap: sensors and metrology, algorithms and computation, communications and cryptography, and integrated photonics. QCIRCLE will demonstrate the impact that quantum can have on society by promoting advances in environmental issues such as emissions in industry or transportation, as well as early diagnosis of diseases, responding to European priorities and global challenges through research and innovation.

The European Union has valued with its award the innovative ecosystem of the Canary Islands, as well as the possibilities of economic, technological, and social growth that the project will bring. The solid experience of ARQUIMEA Research Center as an autonomous center, its multiple research disciplines (AI, Robotics, Quantum, and Biotech), and its R&D acceleration model to the market have been the most valued characteristics by the European Union to select the QCIRCLE project led by ARQUIMEA Research Center.

This is the first time that Spain has been awarded the TEAMING call, which will provide a significant boost to the innovation and science ecosystem at the local and national level by positioning the Canary Islands as a European enclave for quantum technology, a technology of the future that is not intensive in the consumption of natural resources and is easily exportable.


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