ARQUIEMA introduces Siluete to pharmacists and specialized media

February 22, 2023

On February 21st, ARQUIMEA presented to pharmacists, specialized media and opinion leaders with expertise in wellness, its product Siluete, the lip balm that helps to avoid snacking between meals.

The meeting, organized at the Zest restaurant in Madrid, was moderated by the journalist Mamen Ruiz Puertas and counted with the interventions of Pilar de la Huerta, Miguel Fernández Tapia-Ruano and Pilar Najarro, general manager, medical director and technology director, respectively, of the Healthcare area of ARQUIMEA. In addition, the event culminated with the chef Luna Zacharias, who performed a live showcooking for the attendees.

Siluete: how does a topical action achieve its anti-snacking capacity?

Dr. Miguel Fernández Tapia-Ruano and Dr. Pilar Najarro discussed about the mode of action of Siluete and how it can help us in our daily life, answering questions such as:

  • Why, when we feel the irrepressible urge to snack, do we opt for empty-calorie treats?
  • How can we control something as difficult as emotional hunger?
  • What is the mechanism of action of Siluete? And how does a topical application achieve its anti-snacking capacity?

“Siluete is neither an appetite suppressant nor a substitute for a varied and balanced diet”, explained Fernández Tapia-Ruano, and added: “it is a stimulant product for topical application, harmless and dosable at will to support the conscious decision to eat better”.

Showcooking with healthy snacks, by Luna Zacharias

The event also featured a showcooking by Luna Zacharias, former contestant and finalist of Master Chef 8. Luna is also the creator of gofioyoga and firmly believes that “health is what I eat, think and say”.

The chef showed all attendees different ideas for healthy and intolerance-free snacks, to demonstrate that we can all have mid-morning snacks without resorting to ultra-processed or high-calorie foods.

Siluete helps you to maintain a healthy diet

ARQUIEMA’s health and wellness area promotes the development of products that promote a healthy lifestyle, as is the case of Siluete, an innovative balm that encourages a more balanced diet through the reduction of unhealthy snacking and the control of emotional hunger.