Men’s Health honors ARQUIMEA with the award for best innovation of the year

November 20, 2022

On occasion of the 15th edition of the Cuídate Awards, ARQUIMEA has been recognized by Men’s Health magazine with the award for best innovation of the year for Siluete, its lip balm to avoid snacking between meals.

At an event held on November 4 in Madrid, the benchmark brand for active lifestyles for men honored a total of eleven brands and products that stood out for their commitment to innovation, the user experience of their products or their beauty services.

Siluete, innovation award 2022

Pilar de la Huerta, Managing Director of ARQUIMEA Healthcare, was entrusted with collecting the award, the first time the company was vying for this recognition, which was presented by Rubén Cordero, Director of Advertising and Communication of the Hearts España Group.

The jury’s assessment emphasized the 100% natural origin of the product, its completely innocuous nature and the possibility of being able to apply it in any context, considering it the best anti-snacking product. In the words of Men’s Health:

“We love that it is a 100% natural product, completely innocuous and that you can apply it whenever you feel the urge to sin, because you are stressed, sad or anxious. The best anti-snacking product!”

The first lip balm with anti-snacking properties

Siluete has been one of the most disruptive products from ARQUIMEA’s health division, essentially due to its anti-snacking capacity through a topical application on the lips. Unlike other substitute products that require the ingestion of compounds, Siluete acts through a taste/smell/touch sensory distraction effect capable of influencing the ability to resist impulses such as the urge to snack.

In clinical trials involving a placebo, the company found that 88% of people found it much easier to control the urge to snack when not hungry with Siluete.

“We must not forget that most of the time people eat compulsively between meals without being hungry, and this is the behavior we want to avoid with Siluete.” Pilar de la Huerta, Managing Director of ARQUIMEA Healthcare

Siluete is not a food substitute, nor an appetite suppressant. It is a sensory distractor that helps us to control ourselves, so that we can eat what is healthy when our body needs to eat food.

This type of recognition highlights the effort and commitment of the entire ARQUIMEA team in the search for innovative products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.