ARQUIMEA signs a distribution agreement with SPO for the distribution of its CASA robotic system with artificial intelligence to the Mexican porcine sector

August 1, 2023
  • ARQUIMEA, the Spanish technology company responsible for the development of ISAS PRO, is an expert in applying technologies to optimize the animal reproduction process.
  • SPO incorporates ISAS PRO to its portfolio: an innovative fully automatic semen analysis system based on CASA technology.
  • ISAS PRO, developed and produced by ARQUIMEA, automatically analyzes semen samples in only 10 seconds, simultaneously evaluating motility, concentration and morphoanomalies.
  • Unlike conventional analysis equipment, it is not necessary for an operator to handle the microscope focusing and moving from one field to another, since ISAS PRO can do it autonomously.

Servicios Pecuarios de Occidente (SPO), specialized in solutions for the Mexican pork industry, incorporates ISAS PRO to its portfolio: an innovative seminal analysis system that, through technologies such as robotics or artificial intelligence, eliminates human error and increases the objectivity of the results.

ARQUIMEA is the Spanish technology company responsible for the development of ISAS PRO. ARQUIMEA Agrotech area is specialized in the development of solutions and technologies that optimize the animal reproduction process, such as semen analysis systems and other products focused on the improvement of semen quality and conservation.

This distribution agreement between SPO and ARQUIMEA will allow the introduction of a new, more efficient and accurate semen analysis system for the Mexican porcine sector and a growth opportunity for both companies in the artificial insemination market.


ISAS PRO: fully robotic semen analysis system with CASA technology

ISAS PRO is a fully robotized system, using CASA technology, that automatically analyzes semen quality, simultaneously evaluating motility, concentration and morphoanomalies.

This innovative device performs seminal analysis through three simple steps: sample preparation, analysis and extraction of results. In only 10 seconds it automatically generates the results of seminal quality: total number of spermatozoons, progressive movement, cell morphology, useful sperm, among others. In addition, it also generates the production results with details of the recommended number of doses to be produced and the volume of semen extenders to be added.

The ISAS PRO software, created entirely at ARQUIMEA, incorporates an image analysis learning system, based on artificial intelligence, which allows improving the degree of accuracy with each new analysis. In addition, it has a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface, with no need previous knowledge.

Each analysis generates customized reports with both sample and production results. All images and results obtained in previous analyses are stored in its own database.


Automated semen analysis systems allow faster and more accurate analysis than traditional ones

Unlike conventional analysis equipment, automated systems do not require an operator to operate the microscope by focusing and moving from one field to another, as ISAS PRO can do this autonomously. This minimizes human error and therefore improves the accuracy of the results, reduces analysis time (less than 10 seconds) and is more efficient, not only in saving time, but also by being able to do other tasks in the background while the equipment analyzes on its own.

“At ARQUIMEA we have applied technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation to achieve a faster, easier, more objective and most importantly: more accurate analysis process” Pablo Alises, general manager of ARQUIMEA Agrotech.