EpiDisease receives an investment of 535,000€ for the development of diagnostic tests with epigenetic markers

April 15, 2021
  • Arquimea and the Fundación Botín invest in diagnostic tests based on epigenetics
  • The investment will accelerate the market launch of this technology and undertake trials in Spanish hospitals

EpiDisease, a company specialized in epigenetics and a spin-off of the CIBER (Center for Biomedical Research in Network), has closed an investment round of 450,000 € by Arquimea, from its healthcare area, and 85,000 € by the Fundación Botín, through the Mind the Gap program.

The new investment made by Arquimea and Fundación Botín for a total value of 535,000€ is added to the 344,000€ that the Mind the Gap program has already invested in previous rounds. This new economic boost will allow the company to advance in the development of diagnostic tests based on epigenetic biomarkers. The executive director of EpiDisease is José Luis García, researcher at U733 CIBERER.

The investment in the company will facilitate the acceleration of the market launch of this technology and carry out a functional validation test of the test in different Spanish reference hospitals.

Diagnostic tests will provide information on how gene expression in people is regulated by other factors such as lifestyle and the external environment. This epigenetic analysis will allow modulating the activity of genes.

Besides, the company will advance the development of other technologies in its pipeline. Among them, EpiAging® evaluates the biological aging of the skin through a microRNA signature, while BIGEPA2 identifies molecules and medications with epigenetic activity.