Arquimea and Mutua Madrid Open join forces for the biggest international tennis event

April 22, 2021
  • Health is the top priority at the upcoming Mutua Madrid Open
  • ARQUIMEA, the healthcare partner tasked with establishing the different COVID-19 protocols
  • PCR, antibodies (ELISA) and antigen tests for all players at the tournament and members of the organisation

Madrid, 14/04/2021

The health of the players, as well as all those participating in the tournament, is the top priority of the Mutua Madrid Open, which will be held from 27 April to 9 May at Madrid’s Caja Mágica.

ARQUIMEA, a company that develops and offers solutions combining science and technology in the healthcare sector, will be present at the tournament as strategic healthcare partner to guarantee a safe environment.

Using its experience in other sports events, such as the ‘Andalucía Costa del Sol Open de España’ golf tournament, know-how, technology and reliability, it will ensure the protection of all those participating in the tournament and, along with the Mutua Madrid Open’s COVID-19 Officer, it will establish the different COVID-19 protocols.

ARQUIMEA will have a healthcare system, both in the Caja Mágica and in the various official hotels, to perform COVID-19 tests on the players and all the tournament staff. It will also provide the assembly and management companies and members of the organisation all the tests required to guarantee a safe space from the outset.

The tests to be carried out will range from PCR and antibodies (ELISA) tests, providing results in 4 hours, to antigen tests, with results in approximately 15 minutes.

Health is a priority, not only for sport and top-level competition but also for the economy of and tourism in the city where it is organised. The collaboration between Mutua Madrid Open and ARQUIMEA will enable two weeks of international competition with the maximum standards of health protection.