The technology company ARQUIMEA merges its brands to boost its growth in the defence and aerospace sectors

May 26, 2021
  • As part of the expansion and growth plan initiated two years ago, the technology company is bringing together the experience, capabilities and technologies of its companies Arquimea Ingeniería, S.L.U., Expace On Board Systems, S.L.U. and Ramem, S.A. under its brand name ARQUIMEA.
  • ARQUIMEA thus pools its capabilities in the aerospace, defence and security and science industry sectors within its Aerospace & Defence business unit
  • The Spanish technology company, which operates in four other areas of activity, Industrial Services, Agrotech, Healthcare and Fintech, boasts more than 15 years of experience and has a presence in over 25 countries.

Madrid, May 26th 2021

ARQUIMEA, a Spanish technology company that operates globally in highly demanding sectors, brings together under a single brand the experience, capabilities and technologies of its companies Arquimea Ingeniería, S.L.U., Expace On Board Systems, S.L.U. and Ramem, S.A.

The technology company thus groups its products and services for the defence, security, space, aeronautics and science industry sectors within its Aerospace & Defence business unit.

ARQUIMEA, which has been developing innovative technologies and solutions for over 15 years, cooperates closely with its defence sector capabilities with the Ministries of Defence of allied countries, NATO Armed Forces and leading defence companies, with the purpose of developing products that meet their current and future operational requirements. Today, the company has a portfolio of products and solutions field-proven in numerous armed forces around the world.

With regard to the aerospace sector, ARQUIMEA participates in the missions of international agencies such as NASA and ESA, as well as in commercial and New Space programmes. In addition, the company is a leading supplier of aircraft and engine logistics support equipment for the aeronautical sector.

In the words of Manuel Martín Flórez, General Manager of ARQUIMEA Aerospace & Defence, ‘At ARQUIMEA we are very proud to be able to collaborate with our Armed Forces and to continue contributing our experience, knowledge and technologies in a sector as strategic as the defence sector’.

ARQUIMEA specialises in the design, engineering, manufacture and marketing of electronics, information systems, telecommunications, avionics, robotics, RPAS, actuators and mechanisms suitable for use in space, rad-hard integrated circuits, as well as structures, equipment and systems for large scientific facilities, customised solutions and turnkey projects.

ARQUIMEA has a specialised team of professionals made up of retired military personnel, engineers with decades of experience in the sector and more than 5,000m2 of its own engineering, manufacturing, integration and test facilities, such as a clean room, electronics, metrology and inspection labs quality for control tests and trials, with top-of-the-range production machinery and the latest CAD and CAM tools, for the manufacture of high-precision, high-performance mechanical and electromechanical components, as well as ISO 3834 certified mechanical-welded structures.

In particular, ARQUIMEA boasts the experience and technology acquired throughout the years in the manufacture of more than 30,000 different references.

In addition to its engineering and manufacturing capabilities, ARQUIMEA has its own technological centre, ARQUIMEA Research Center. This centre is focused on researching and exploring today the technologies of the future so that they can be integrated tomorrow into its proposed solutions in its sectors of activity.

The technology company has installations in the United States and commercial offices in Germany and South East Asia.