ARQUIMEA designs, manufactures and commercializes thermal blankets for space applications. We have full capability in materials procurement, design (3D and 2D), testing and integration.

Space thermal products

Thermal blankets for telecommunications, earth observation, science, exploration and navigation

ARQUIMEA’s spacecraft blankets are built for long-term durability and extreme thermal requirements: from cryogenic to high temperatures. Our design is 3D and 2D and is performed using CAD techniques (i.e. Catia V4/V5) and/or fit-check approach.

Our manufacturing takes places in 100000 Class (ISO 8) and 100 Class (ISO 5) clean room with products, materials and procedures that comply with the highest quality standards (ESA, NASA, MIL). Our materials are Kapton®, Upilex®, Mylar®, FEP(Teflon)®, Dacron®, Beta Cloth®, Nextel®, Glass fiber (spacer and sewing yarns) and Velcro, Vespel SP1 stand-off for fixations. We can provide any type of multilayer insulation: internal MLI (for electronic units, propulsion components, etc), external MLI (with Kapton@, Beta Cloth@, Coated Teflon@, etc), plume impingement shielding (titanium shields), etc.

We have worked on large projects with the main space agencies and satellite operating companies in different international missions, such as Agile, Galileo, Sentinel 2A, JWST, Cheops, etc.

Key features of Thermal blankets

39 missions in orbit
20 missions waiting to be launched.
Multiple applications
Telecommunications, Earth observation, navigation, science and exploration.
Several working fluids
Kapton®, Upilex®, Mylar®, FEP(Teflon)®, Dacron®, Beta Cloth®, Nextel®, Glass fiber and Velcro, Vespel SP1 stand-off for fixations.
Proven technology

Main features of our thermal blankets

Functionality: Standard plastic MLI and Sewn Fabric coated MLI; External and internal MLI; SLI; High Temperature MLI; Specific external coating (Germanium, Beta Cloth, ITO), Test MLI.
T-Range: Typical T (-150°/+150°C), Cryogenic (up to 20K), High T. (up to +450ºC).
Procurement and integration of thermal hardware and EEE.
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