Deployment mechanisms for satellites

We develop hinge- and spring-based deployment mechanisms with deployment detection. These are suitable to be used together with our HDRM solution for the deployment of solar panels, antennas and instruments.

We provide off-the-shelf solutions for solar arrays as well as custom designs for each specific application.

Deployment mechanisms for satellites

Deployment mechanisms for satellites, solar arrays and other space structures

We have extensive flight experience in space and technical knowledge to design, manufacture and integrate into our own facilities and perform the necessary tests and qualifications of all types of key electromechanical mechanisms for satellites.

We offer the complete system of deployable mechanisms for solar panels, antennas and other elements on board satellites of all sizes and functionalities. We adapt to the needs and particularities of each mission, to design the right system with the latest technology that guarantees perfect operation.

High performance and technology

100% success
Ground tests ensure correct deployment in orbit
Complete system
HDRM, hinge and cup-cone are a complete system
In house manufacturing and testing guarantees maximum quality
Main features

Main features of our deployment mechanisms

Application: 1x1m solar array release and deployment mechanism
Overall mass: 560 g (including screws and harness)
Temperature range: -40 to +100ºC
Solar panel separation (stowed): 20mm from spacecraft to panel
Deployment sensor able to detect start and end of the deployment
Spring-motorized hinges with latch on deployed position
Safety tooling to avoid deployment during system integration and validation
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