Hold Down & Release Mechanisms (HDRM) and actuators for space applications

ARQUIMEA designs, manufactures and commercializes a complete family of 5KN, 15KN and 35KN space qualified non explosive and in-field resettable Hold Down and Release Mechanisms (HDRM) REACT and actuators for satellites and other space applications based on Shape Memory Alloys technology.

Technology for space applications

HDRM – 5KN, 15KN and 35KN space qualified resettable mechanisms

The resettable actutors and low-shock Hold-Down & Release Mechanisms are devices that firmly fix a payload in a satellite during transportation or launch. When the satellite reaches the desire position in orbit, the mechanism releases the payload by electrical activation.

ARQUIMEA’s HDRM mechanims (REACT) are available in two different motorization options based either on TiNi or SMARQ® Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) technology. For a perfect performance and test, our mechanisms and actuators for space provide in-field manual reset capability to the end user and covers wide actuation temperature ranges.

Typical applications for HDRM include hold-down and release of deployable solar arrays, antennas, booms and masts, reflectors, cover doors, scientific instruments, shutter mechanisms, large structures, launch locks for gimbals, thrusters, stage separation, caging mechanisms, etc.

ARQUIMEA’s SMA actuators are based on a two-stage mechanism: structural and trigger. The Structural assembly is responsible of holding the high external loads in a safe and reliable way, while the trigger is responsible of transforming the system into a bistable structure that is self-motorized to effectively release the main bolt.

The device is electrically activated with a customizable interface. The total amount of energy is effectively transformed into heat to induce the transformation of the Shape Memory Alloy thus motorizing the system with a redundant trigger.

Key features
<1300 g’s at max load.
Non explosive
Field resettable mechanisms and actuators.
Resettable in seconds, no need to dismount.
Our space actuators and mechanisms

Resettable Solar Array Deployment Mechanism HDRM+ hinge

The user can check and test the correct performance and integration of our mechanisms and actuators in its platform thanks to the in-field manual reset capability. Check out in this video.

Proven technology

Main features of our Hold Down & Release Mechanisms (HDRM) and actuators REACT

Three sizes (max load retention) available (5kN, 15kN and 35kN)
Manually in-field resettable by the end user. Neither dismounting nor refurbishment required
Operation temperature from -90 up to +125ºC
Low shock
Space-qualified parts and materials
Redundant SMA trigger (two independent initiators)
Compatible with standard electrical interfaces
Near simultaneous release of multiple hold-down points
Three standard mechanical interfaces available
Custom configurations available under request
Full solar array deployment system available: HDRM + cup-cone + hinge
Fully European technology
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