Hold Down & Release Mechanisms (HDRM)

The REACT devices are low-shock Hold-Down & Release Actuators whose function is to firmly fix a payload during transportation or launch and later release it by electrical activation.

REACT implements a redundant trigger with two different motorization options based on Shape Memory Alloys (TiNi and SMARQ®) covering wide actuation temperature ranges and providing manual reset capability to the end user.

Typical applications of REACT include solar arrays, antennas, booms and masts, reflectors, cover doors, scientific instruments, shutter mechanisms, large structures, launch locks for gimbals, thrusters, stage separation, caging mechanisms, etc.

Features of our Hold Down and Release Mechanisms

Low shock

Manually field resettable by the end user. No refurbishment required

Operation temperature from -90 up to +125ºC

Redundant SMA trigger (two independent initiators)

Compatible with standard electrical interfaces

Near simultaneous release of multiple hold-down points

Three standard mechanical interfaces available

Space-qualified parts and materials

Custom configurations available under request

Full solar array deployment system available: HDRM + cup-cone + hinge

Fully European technology


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