We specialize in parts and systems for
space and hi-rel applications,
including microelectronics,
mechanisms, electronics and robotics



We specialize in custom-made services like IP design and radiation characterization for integrated circuits and microelectronic processes.
Drawing from our background in space electronics, we provide customized services such as rad-hard IP design, verification, and integration; development of radiation simulation tools, test setups and test vehicles; technology assessment and consulting.

Microelectronics for Space


We provide turnkey analog, digital and mixed-signal ASICs and FPGAs. We control the complete supply chain: from the design and initial definition of the requirements, to the manufacture, validation, and delivery of the qualified chips.
We specialize in the design of integrated circuits against the effects of cosmic and environmental radiation.


IP and IC transceivers and converters and space qualified LVDS devices


We provide space-grade IC products and IP cores. We specialize in transceivers and converters, with a product line focused on a set of space qualified LVDS devices, suitable for SpaceWire and SpaceFibre communications.


We specialize in parts and systems for space and hi-rel applications, including microelectronics, mechanisms, electronics, and robotics. We provide innovative and reliable products and services based on cutting-edge technologies and free of export restrictions such as ITAR/EAR.

PCB design, development, and qualification; space sensors and Wireless sensor networks


We specialize in PCB design, development, and qualification; space sensors and Wireless sensor networks; radiation characterization of integrated circuits and electronics; and the design of MGSE and EGSE.

Fiber optic based sensor systems for chemical monitoring


We develop fiber optic based sensor systems for chemical monitoring in aerospace and medical applications, including physiological monitors for military flight masks and gas monitoring for space suits.



We develop off-the-shelf and custom actuators and mechanisms based on Shape Memory Alloys (SMA). Currently we are the leading European supplier of SMA-based actuators, including our family of non-explosive field-resettable Hold-Down & Release Mechanisms (HDRM) known as REACT.

ARQUIMEA's REACT devices for spacecraft applications


REACT devices are low-shock Hold-Down & Release Actuators whose function is to firmly fix a payload during transportation or launch and later release it by electrical activation.


Pin Pullers are linear actuators in which a pin or piston initially remains firmly locked in an extended position and, when activated, retracts inside a mechanical structure, usually against a side load.




Our deployment mechanisms are used together with our HDRMs for release and deployment of several space systems and instruments such as solar panels, antennas, scientific instruments and cover doors. We use hinge and spring-based devices with deployment detection features.


We work with the European Space Agency in the development and qualification of an SMA-based valve for propulsion passivation of the propellant tanks at a satellite’s end of life.

Developing and manifacturing high-precision mechanisms and microelectronics


With 60+ years of experience and over 30,000 different parts and equipment supplied to date we are specialized in manufacturing, assembly, integration and test of high-precision mechanisms and electromechanical equipment for aerospace, defence, science and industry.

Custom design based on state-of-the-art technologies for space applications


We develop modified mechanisms upon request, based on SMA and other technologies, according to user requirements.
We specialize in linear and rotary actuators, deployment mechanisms, release nuts, valves, dampers, and any other devices using Shape Memory Alloys. We transfer our space-grade technology to other terrestrial applications such as nuclear, oil and gas, medical, industrial, or automotive.


Loitering system


We design and manufacture the Q-SLAM-40 loitering system based on decades of experience in drones and defense systems. It is suitable to develop short-range missions safely and efficiently in which the pilot controls the system all time.



We design, develop, and commercialize electronic, mechanical, software and telecom systems and equipment for the Defense and Security sector, a sector that demands reliable technology for troops’ security and protection.


A silent aerial reconnaissance device in the shape of a bird and silent, which incorporates two Day/Night cameras and allows automatic takeoff and landing, as well as navigation guided by waypoints.



Cutting-edge solutions that automate and accelerate all the tasks related to direct or indirect fire, in a single gun or in a unit, allowing increased precision and support over supporting firing processes.



TECHFIRE is a fire support information system for mortars and artillery howitzers that automates and accelerates tasks related to direct or indirect fire, in a single gun or in a unit, allowing increased precision and control over supporting fire processes.
It improves precision and provides different ballistic solutions for mortar and artillery units. It is compatible with all available communications systems, data management systems and laser range finders.


ARQUIMEA's electronic aiming device for mortars: eCOMPAX


eCOMPASS is an electronic aiming device designed to provide firing aiming data (orientation and elevation) to mortars.
The device is anchored to the mortar with a NATO standard mounting dovetail and combines the technology of inertial sensors with optical image tracking, resulting in a robust and reliable 3DOF orientation. The device is similar in size and weight to a standard sight unit.


M-COUNTER is an electronic device designed to increase safety while reducing the maintenance of mortar systems by automatically recording each shot performed by the weapon.
The device is attached to the mortar in a chamber zone without affecting its normal use. Its maintenance is minimal and does not require a battery to perform the count.

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