Wireless systems for data transfer

Wireless communication system for engineering barrier monitoring data, to avoid the generation of possible preferential seepage routes through the barrier.

About Wireless systems for data transfer

Wireless systems for deep geological storage

The system comprises:

  1. traditional sensors for barrier monitoring (pressure, humidity, FDR, temperature)
  2. concentrator-emitter nodes
  3. receiver nodes
  4. dataloggers.

The sensors in the interior of the barrier are connected to the concentrator/emitter nodes. Two-way communication takes place between them and the receiver nodes, sending data to the receiver nodes, which in turn send configuration changes to the emitter nodes. At the receiver nodes, the data are stored and/or sent to other devices by means of industrial protocols.


Main features of our wireless systems for data transfer
Tested ranges in saturated bentonite of between 0 m and 2 m.
Very low energy consumption Duration of the system dictated by the self-discharging of the batteries used.
Concentrators for 8 sensors, 4…20 mA and/or 0…10 V and 4 digital signals.
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