Robotic survey systems for pipelines

SAM is an autonomous mobile platform designed to characterise the deformation of the pipeline of the sheathed storage cells in the French DGR concept.

About Robotic survey systems for pipelines

All-in-one robotic solution

SAM is an automatic tool capable of travelling down pipelines up to 150 m in length, measuring their deformation with repeatability of up to 20 µm. It can measure both at a standstill and in motion, and carry a 20 kg payload with other types of sensors, such as H2 meters.

Main features

Main features of our Robotic survey systems
Automatic stop and reverse actions on encountering obstacles in the pipeline.
Integrated recognition cameras.
Cable spooler and automated umbilical cord.
Data transmission via integrated cable and/or wirelessly.
Auto-positioning in the pipeline with precision of +/- 0.5 cm.
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