ARQUIMEA showcases its new line of optical payloads for space at Space Tech Expo Europe

November 17, 2022
  • ARQUIMEA expands its offer with camera systems and video capture and processing systems from Ecliptic, a leading US company.
  • The ESA includes ARQUIMEA’s family of LVDS components (driver, receiver) in its European Preferred Part List (EPPL).


Bremen, 16 November. ARQUIMEA exhibits its range of optical payloads for space at the Space Tech Expo Europe trade fair, which is taking place in Bremen from 15 to 17 November.

ARQUIMEA expands its range of solutions with cameras and video capture and processing systems from Ecliptic, a leading US optical payload, sensor and space avionics company with more than 20 years of flight experience and which has deployed more than 500 cameras on major space programmes from the Space Shuttle to the International Space Station to Artemis.

The two companies have forged an alliance to develop and produce new products in Europe, mainly video systems for space observation, monitoring and exploration.

This new product line completes the capabilities and range of space solutions offered by ARQUIMEA. The company develops technologies across the entire value chain; from ground equipment, integrated circuits and mechanisms, video systems, sensors, flight electronics to small satellites.

As a result, ARQUIMEA offers new product lines of space subsystems to the European industry, including the best imaging instruments and cameras, and reinforces its international expansion.


240 satellites for the BeetleSat constellation

Furthermore, the company is also showcasing at the trade fair its collaboration in the BeetleSat constellation. ARQUIMEA is the main shareholder and industrial partner, responsible for the manufacture of BeetleSat satellites, the new broadband telecommunications constellation with unique deployable antenna technology. ARQUIMEA works on the design and construction of the first two satellites of the constellation, which will comprise 240 LEO satellites and is scheduled to be launched in 2026.


More than 17 years of experience in critical components for satellites

The company is known in the industry for its capabilities and experience in the design of rad-hard microelectronics. To this end, the ESA recently included ARQUIMEA’s LVDS driver and receiver components in ESA’s European Preferred Part List (EPPL).

ARQUIMEA’s range of hold down and release mechanisms and actuators for solar panels or antennas in satellites will also be on display at its stand during the fair. These mechanisms are certified for use in space and have proven their performance in JUICE, µHET-Sat or ESAIL-Sat, as well as on several applications for New Space.