Technological Patronage

It is a funding mechanism based on tax incentives applicable to research, development and innovation, which allow private investment to be channelled into the research and innovation ecosystem.


The boost of innovative companies.

Technological Patronage operations involve the partial co-financing of R&D projects through structures based on the assignment of tax credits by means of the creation of an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG). Three key stakeholders are, therefore, involved in the process: the development or research company, the EIG and the Patron or investor. The instrument is based on article 35 of Law 27/2014 issued by the Directorate-General for Taxation in its replies to the binding consultations V2213/2014, V3384/2014, V4897/16 and V1824/18.

Technological Patronage allows companies engaged in R&D&I projects to obtain partial financing of up to 40 % in the case of R&D (Research and Development) and up to 20 % in the case of TI (Technological Innovation).

At the same time, it provides a significant return to Patrons and private Investors through the application of tax credits that reduce their Corporate Income Tax in less than six months.

Our figures
95 projects
In 2021, we promoted more than 95 R&D&I projects.
+115 mill.€
We mobilised an investment of more than €115 million.
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The boost of innovative companies.
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