ARQUIMEA Research Center, is part of the European A-IQ Ready project

March 15, 2023
  • The project aims to explore new approaches to IoT and edge computing and increase Europe’s competitiveness on the way to a secure, resilient, and prosperous digital society.
  • ARQUIMEA Research Center will participate in the project with the development of a quantum sensor.
  • 49 other leading European companies and centers are part of this project.


Tenerife, March 2023. The European project “Artificial Intelligence using Quantum measured Information for real-time distributed systems at the edge” (A-IQ Ready) will count on ARQUIMEA Research Center as a participating entity together with 49 other first-level European companies and entities, 3 of them Spanish. ARQUIMEA Research Center will participate in the project developmenting a quantum sensor for multimodal and multiphysics detection with the highest precision using NV-Centers in a diamond.

The aim of the project, which will last 36 months, is to anticipate and address global environmental problems, social inequality, and future geopolitical changes and to increase Europe’s competitiveness through technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics, and biotechnology. A-IQ Ready proposes to take new quantum sensing technologies out of the laboratory and put them at the service of society in two distinct areas. On the one hand, they will be used in autonomous civilian search and rescue systems. They will also be used to improve the safety of autonomous vehicle navigation in industrial environments and on our streets.

Cristina de Dios, Principal Researcher in the Quantum orbital indicates that “the sensors that ARQUIMEA will develop in the project are based on diamonds with special impurities or color centers. These sensors will make it possible to measure our environment (magnetic field, electric field, tension, temperature or inclination) with a precision impossible for current sensors”.

The project will improve the state of the art of this type of sensors by guaranteeing their compatibility with new edge-computing and artificial intelligence technologies and will allow the elements that use these sensors to work as an intelligent beehive that optimizes their operation in real-time.

For Rubén Criado, CEO of the Canary Islands research center, “this is a strategic project for our center and more specifically for our Quantum orbital” since “it allows us to collaborate with the main players in the European quantum ecosystem. Something of which we are very proud and grateful”.

ARQUIMEA Research Center will be supportedd by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the University of Alcalá, and the company Nvision as national representatives.


The A-IQ Ready project is supported by the Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking (KDT JU) – the Public-Private Partnership for research, development and innovation under Horizon Europe – and National Authorities under Grant Agreement No. 101096658. ARQUIMEA Research Center will be supported by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the University of Alcalá, and the company Nvision as national representatives.