Mutua Tinerfeña co-finances two social impact projects in the Canary Islands

July 13, 2020
  • Mutua Tinerfeña commits to social impact investment through the promotion of two deep tech projects
  • The operation was made possible thanks to an innovative means of financing known as Technological Patronage

Mutua Tinerfeña signed the financing of two Deep tech research projects (innovation technology for social improvement) that are being implemented in the archipelago. The insurance company has taken another step forward in its support for R&D&I investment with the aim of contributing to the social and economic development of the islands through science, technology and innovation.

One of the projects seeks to generate energy through the condensation of water vapour aerodynamically. The second project focuses on the world of quantum sensing and proposes research into a new quantum platform based on the use of nitrogen in diamond or Nitrogen Vacancy Centres (NV-). Both projects are developed by research teams from the islands and aim to generate social impact in important fields such as sustainability, renewable energies or quantum physics.

The operation has been structured in the form of Technological Patronage, an innovative means of financing based on tax incentives applicable to research, development and innovation, which allows private investment to be channelled into the research and innovation ecosystem. Mutua Tinerfeña and Kaudal, the Tenerife-based company that has structured the operation and accompanied the investment company and the research teams, signed the deal on 16 December.

Technological Patronage was conceived in response to the need to develop projects created on the islands. These research projects strengthen the region’s talent and technological ecosystem, while at the same time allowing companies that want to foster this ecosystem to benefit from tax planning as a way of improving their competitiveness.

Mutua Tinerfeña thus joins the group of companies that are developing research projects, thanks to the excellent tax framework available in the archipelago, as well as engaging in important corporate social responsibility work by promoting R&D in the Canary Islands and its transfer to the market.


About Kaudal.

We are a company dedicated to financing the R&D&I ecosystem through private investment. Our aim is to contribute to promoting R&D&I in Spain by supporting the development of new technologies and innovative products, favouring the transfer of knowledge and its market access.

Kaudal has a tax structuring capacity of around €200 million per year. In addition, it has extensive experience in the use of this mechanism, having mobilised more than €200 million in investment and promoted more than 155 projects since its creation in 2016.

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About Mutua Tinerfeña.

We are an insurance company founded more than 85 years ago to meet the insurance needs of the Canary Islanders. Our objective as a mutual society is based on the concept of solidarity and mutual aid.

Mutua Tinerfeña is a 100% Canary Islands-based company, with a presence in almost 70% of the Canary Islands’ municipalities, thanks to its more than 50 direct offices and 250 brokers. With a team of more than 150 employees, it is one of the most solvent insurance companies in Spain.

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