Kit digital MyTennisref

July 7, 2022

Arquimea Group as a digitizing agent implements a digital solution that will allow you to manage your matches interactively. The mytennisref system provides tennis players with the latest technology to enjoy a virtual referee in your matches that allows you to follow the game automatically and know your real level.

Mytennisref puts an end to the most common problems of tennis players. Now you can record your sessions and review your training or matches afterwards. You will be able to filter the information according to speed, type of stroke or match situations and we will provide you with a complete and detailed evaluation of any game situation.

The digitizing agent Arquimea offers you the product from 18.000€ and with the help of the Digital Kit you could get a bonus of up to 12.000€ if you have between 10 and 50 employees.

Digitization Categories

Virtual office services and tools

Business Intelligence and Analytics


Secure communications

250/user up to 12.000€. Up to €4,000 Up to €4,000 125/user up to 4.000€.
With our tool, tennis coaches will have at their disposal all the technical information of their students’ training sessions and tennis clubs will be able to have an optimal management of tennis courts booking. MyTennisRef offers all the analytics of your match, displaying statistics so you can see the progress and evolution of your game. You will have in a single system all the information about your customers. Our platform has end-to-end encryption, SSL protocol so that your business remains secure.


Recording from any angle: the system allows recording videos from any situation on the court depending on the placement of the cameras.

In/out technology: we detect where the impact of each ball occurs to indicate whether it has entered or hit outside the lines.

Automatic match counting: the intelligence of the system allows an autonomous tracking of the scoreboard without the player interfering in it.

It contains match situations: parallel forehand, cross-court backhand, break balls, winners or all the features that allow the user to analyze each stroke by games, sets or complete matches.

Comparative information: if what you want is to see your evolution or progress in some aspect of your game, you can check it with independently recorded sessions that you can have on the screen in a single moment.




Control the speed of your game, your forehand, backhand and serve to improve your game. Our recording system collects all your movements showing accurate results.

We label on the video all the strokes, without having to manually modify each recording as in other systems.

We want you to improve your game day by day and for that, we provide you with the most practical tennis analysis tool on your cell phone.