Our fintech business line is specialized in
financing R&D and innovation through private investment.

Our aim is to enhance the development of new technologies and innovative products. We also want to help the transfer of knowledge and its market access.

We are leaders in Technological Patronage, a financial instrument that allows channeling new private investment towards R&D and Innovation projects. The operation is based on tax incentives applicable to research, development and innovation.

From 2016 to 2020, we have mobilized an investment volume of more than 200 million euros, helping to bring forward more than 155 projects in very diverse sectors.

We look for technology companies that investigate and want to be a driving force for social change and, in the other hand, we find companies that believe and want to invest in science.

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We boost innovative projects with private resources

from our platform ORBITA K

Orbita.k is a private call for companies, mainly small companies and start-ups) and R & D & i entities. The objective is to identify innovative proposals for the future that promote investment and boost the research ecosystem in Spain.

In 2021, we launched the first edition of what will be an annual call program.

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