The improvement of porcine seminal quality through feeding by means of nutritional supplements

August 8, 2023

The improvement of porcine seminal quality through feeding by means of nutritional supplements.

Nutritional supplements can provide additional nutrients, correct nutritional deficiencies or support specific functions of the organism, as we already talked about in our post ‘The importance of nutritional supplements in animals diet’.

However, the use of nutritional supplements can go beyond correcting a certain pathology. They can also be used to improve the quality and seminal concentration of boars through feeding.

The daily incorporation of certain vitamins, trace elements and amino acids in the diet of boars increases sperm concentration and ejaculate volume, improves sperm vitality and can even decrease sperm morphoanomalies.

The improvement of porcine seminal quality through feeding by means of nutritional supplements.

However, the large number of nutritional supplements that are incorporated in the diet of animals generates a new challenge: new formulations that facilitate the digestibility of the supplements and, therefore, a better intestinal tolerance.

How do nutritional supplements work to improve seminal quality?

In ARQUIMEA we are specialized in the development of nutritional supplements that manage to increase the sperm concentration. We combine nutrients such as iron, manganese, selenium, zinc, vitamin E, among others, to develop food supplements capable of improving the concentration and vitality of the boar’s semen, as well as the volume of the ejaculate.

Besides acting on seminal quality, they also improve the sexual characteristics of boars. Its formulation favors smooth muscle fiber contractions, which generates an increase in libido and a more intense erection. On the other hand, biotin acts as a cofactor in several biological processes and prevents hoof injuries.

Protein or energy deficiencies influence semen production and libido. The low plasma concentration of plasma 17β-estradiol and deficiencies in lysine, methionine and tryptophan cause histological and cytological changes at the testicular level, affecting spermatogenesis and sperm quality.


All this, with a daily use in boar feeding, generates an increase between 25% and 35% in sperm concentration and 15% in ejaculate volume.

In addition, our microalgae-based supplements are organic and have greater bioavailability, which facilitates their absorption and digestibility, which translates into greater welfare for the animal. A differential characteristic with respect to the rest of the supplements in the market:

  • SPZ+ formulated based on vitamins and minerals, causes a 15% increase in ejaculate volume in boars. In addition, it reinforces the neuromuscular system and maintains hormonal balance.
  • SPZ Algae, unlike SPZ+, is characterized by its good intestinal tolerance because it is formulated with microalgae. Its more bioavailable ingredients for animals facilitate its digestibility and reinforce the immune response.


In ARQUIMEA Agrotech we offer specialized solutions in the optimization of each one of the key stages of animal reproduction, improving the swine seminal quality from the origin through the feed. We encourage you to know in detail our nutritional complements.