Technologies - Shape Memory Alloys - SMA
Shape Memory Alloys - SMA

SMAs are metallic alloys with the ability to return to a predetermined shape when heated. After an apparent plastic deformation, the SMAs undergo a thermo-elastic change in crystal structure when heated above its transformation temperature range, resulting in a recovery of the deformation. This effect, known as Shape Memory Effect is used in movement or force generation applications, such as actuators development.

Technologies - RAD-Hard Microelectronics
RAD-Hard Microelectronics

As a fabless company, ARQUIMEA analyzes and selects the most suitable technologies for each microelectronics design. ARQUIMEA’s Microelectronics Group has a wide experience in several processes, especially those ones tolerant to high radiations. The table below shows the mixed-signal rad-hard CMOS technologies that ARQUIMEA currently works with.

Technologies - Software. ICT

Arquimea ICT provides custom software development services to companies with specific needs ofinformation and data management. Our developments contribute to other standard solutions, like ERP, CRM or CMS, with specific features and business logic.  A global vision based on integration and commitment into R&D makes our solutions creative and high-in-quality.