We are engaged with the European Space Agency in a project for the development and qualification of an SMA-based valve for propulsion passivation of the fuel tanks in satellites at the end of life. It is designed to be compatible with all the typical chemical propellants and lighter than the pyrovalves.

ARQUIMEA Space Mechanisims valve


Our main project is the development and qualification of a Shape Memory Alloy Valve for Propulsion Passivation. (ESA Contract No. 4000126106/18/NL/LvH).

  • Low-shock, non-explosive.
  • Operation temperature up to +125ºC.
  • Redundant SMA trigger (two independent initiators).
  • Resettable by end user (manual reset).
  • COT Sand custom configurations available.
  • Suitable for Propellants (N2H4, MON, MMH, LPM-103s), Inert gases (Kr, Xe, He, Ar) and all propellant vapors.
  • Environmental operating temp.: -30 to +60°C (gas application), 0°C to +60°C (liquid storable propellant application).
  • Environmental non-operating temp.: -50°C to +90°C (gas application), -2°C to +90°C (liquid storable propellant application).
  • Inlet operating pressure: MEOP = 310 bar.
  • External leak: < 1×10-6 scc/sec GHe at worst-case conditions (during min and max non-op temperature).
  • Mass < Pyrovalve (410g not including harness).
  • Lifetime on ground + on orbit = 25years.
  • Under development. EM available in Q4-2020. FM available in Q3-2021.
  • Other custom designs of SMA valves are available under request.