SQS2 is an automatic and integrated analysis system to evaluate boar semen quality, in less than 1 minute, in just 3 steps

The device combines speed, precision, ease of use and traceability to offer a fast, reliable and portable boar semen analysis tool.

SQS2 achieves a high reliability thanks to the integration of a fluorescence microscopy-based sperm counter with a high-resolution CMOS camera, a high-power blue LED, and an advanced computerized vision system.

> 1.000

boar sperm cells analyzed

< 1 minute

per semen analysis

3 steps

per semen analysis

SQS2 Seminal Quality System

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Intuitive, fast and precise thanks to its fluorescence microscopy system
Its intuitive interface helps you to get a boar semen analysis done in just 3 steps: parameters input, sample preparation & analysis. In less than 1 minute, SQS2 analyzes more than 1,000 sperm and extracts the results. Each analysis measures the following parameters:

Total number of sperm cells



 Useful sperm cells and abnormal sperm cells

Semen aglutination

Recomended number of doses to produce


Traceability and integration with another systems
Moreover, SQS2 includes an additional device, called SQSlab, for boar seminal doses production real-time management and to generate personalyzed reports.

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