BSTIM is a vaporiser made up of a set of synthesised pheromones that emulate those found in the saliva of the boar. By vaporising pheromones on the sow’s snout, BSTIM stimulates oçestrus faster, eliminating the presence of the boar.

It has been developed to help farmers optimise the breeding process, helping to increase the annual productivity of the sow. It facilitates the synchronisation of estrus and reduces the number of empty days.

2 morning + 2 afternoon

Nº sprays/sow


Nº of uses/vaporizer unit




*Distribution in boxes of 33 units

BSTIM Boar Pheromone Vaporiser Bottle

BTISIM replaces the presence of the boar. The sow will react in exactly the same way as with the mounting test, as with the boar.

Reduces semen losses that occur during insemination by improving the response of the reproductive tract.

It increases the speed of estrus and the likelihood of synchronisation throughout the group. If a group of gilts is treated at the same time with BSTIM, the likelihood of synchronisation of their estrus is increased.

Calming effect on gilts, facilitating first insemination

BSTIM plays an important role in reducing aggressiveness in pre-pubertal sows.

The application of BSTIM stimulates the onset of estrus in gilts and multiparous sows. This includes the stimulation of gilts to reach puberty. In both cases this helps the operator to detect estrus more effectively.

Improved fertility as a result of reduced length of empty days. In addition, sexual response during insemination is improved.

Synthesised pheromones offer significant help in detecting estrus during the problematic summer period.

It facilitates good hygiene practice, reducing disease transmission. In addition, difficulties such as stress or Seasonal Infertility Syndrome (SIS) in the sow are reduced or even eliminated.


Stimulates estrus quickly and eliminates the presence of boar with BSTIM

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