ARQUIMEA develops hinge- and spring-based deployment mechanisms with deployment detection. These are suitable to be used together with our HDRM solution for the deployment of solar panels, antennas and instruments.
We provide off-the-shelf solutions for solar arrays as well as custom designs for each specific application.

ARQUIMEA has developed an Hold Down and Release Mechanism (HDRM) + Solar Array Deployment Mechanism (REACT 5KN extended temperature + cup-cone + bolt-catcher + hinges).


Application: 1x1m solar array release and deployment mechanism

Overall mass: 560 g (including screws and harness)

Temperature range: -40 to +100ºC

Solar panel separation (stowed): 20mm from spacecraft to panel

Deployment sensor able to detect start and end of the deployment

Spring-motorized hinges with latch on deployed position

Safety tooling to avoid deployment during system integration and validation

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